Green Mining Conference

WHAT: Green Mining Conference
WHEN: September 12-14, 2018
WHERE: Cobalt, Coleman and Latchford, Ontario
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Situated in the historic Cobalt Mining Camp, the conference, limited to 125 delegates, will provide a venue for genuine discussion about the Green Mining movement and the future of mining and mineral exploration. Register here.

CAMA conference 2018

WHAT: CAMA's Annual Conference
WHEN: November 11-13, 2018
WHERE: Toronto, Ontario

The theme of #CAMA2018 is "Shared Lands and Resources - Creating Healthy Returns." Healthy people and environments ensure productive workforces, which is essential for the profitability, growth and health of the Aboriginal communities and resource companies. The spirit and intent of negotiated arrangements, whether Treaties or Benefits Agreements, are founded on sharing of the rewards and benefits for all to realize healthy returns.

HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2018 include an in-depth discussion on Bill C-69: Impact Assessment Act, and its requirement to consider impacts on Indigenous communities and rights, as well as social, economic and health impacts of proposed projects. There will be presentations on links between community connection and environment, emerging health impacts, and securing certainty of investment for a healthy return for all. The conference will  also address what the business case is for suppliers and companies to work with Aboriginal communities.

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