Ontario Mine Permitting Landscape

Every stage and aspect of the mining process is governed by comprehensive regulations. A stringent regulatory environment, combined with the industry's commitment to responsible practices and proactive approach to using new technologies, ensures that public health, public safety and the environment are protected.

Our association is committed to working with governments and other partners to modernize Ontario's complex regulatory landscape, eliminating duplication and decreasing administrative burden, while enhancing predictability, efficiency and certainty for business planning. The goal is create a system encourages investment, fosters responsible mineral development, builds positive relationships and boosts innovation, without compromising the environment or worker health and safety.  

The image below is intended for general illustrative purposes and shows the permitting landscape for a representative Ontario mine as of June 2020. Note that permitting for each mining project varies based on potential impacts. Refer to government websites for current permitting requirements.

Download a PDF or JPG of the Ontario Mine Permitting Landscape infographic. 

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Ontario Mine Permitting Landscape infographic