The construction process occurs after research, permitting and approvals are complete, and a closure plan is approved. Construction of mining sites invovles building roads, processing facilities, environmental management systems, employee housing and other facilities. 

Provincial mining inspectors ensure compliance with the closure plan through audits and site inspections. Specific construction projects (roads, power lines, buildings, dams, and water pumping or treatment facilities) require additional municipal, provincial or federal permits. 

Environmental Studies and permits as well as public consultation are required for all new mine developments. In addition, projects with a potential effect on the environment are posted on Ontario's Environmental Registry. This electronic bulletin board details proposals, decisions and court cases that have a potential impact on the environment. The public has the opportunity to submit comments directly online.

Under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the federal government also requires an environmental assessment for most new mining projects. Applications must be posted for public consultation on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry.

Courtesy of Detour Gold