Closure and Land Rehabilitation

Even before a mine opens for production in Ontario, plans are in place for the future reclamation of the land. Every advanced exploration and mining project includes a closure plan to restore lands to a natural state upon completion of exploration and mining activities. After various stages of production, buildings are razed, trees and natural grasses planted and wildlife habitats restored. This temporary land use is one of mining's unique attributes. While new manufacturing plants, highway expansions, housing developments or office towers may permanently take over tracts of greenbelt, farmland or forest, mines are rarely permanent facilities.

Since 2007, the OMA has been collaborating with the Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA) to hold an annual mine reclamation workshop and an awards program, to recognize and promote excellence in mine reclamation.

Learn more about mine site reclamation and closure from Ontario's Minsitry of Northern Development and Mines. 


Reclaimed mine site: Milliken walkway in autumn