What are the elements that make up our industry?  Is it the drilling and the digging, the machinery and pulling of essential minerals and metals from the Earth? Or has it become something greater? 

To celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 2020, the Ontario Mining Association has created #ThisIsMining, a campaign that takes a fresh look at the role of mining in our lives and in our province. The achievements, the people, the progress, and the legacy.

When someone asks, “What is mining?” We know that mining is all of this:

  • Today’s technology.

  • Inclusiveness and diversity.

  • Care for our planet.

  • A life of adventure.

  • A legacy of community building in Ontario.

Mining has always been about discovery. But the more we mine its depths for the elements that drive our modern world, the more we discover what we have become. As individuals. As a community. As an industry. 

Join us in discovering all that mining in Ontario has become and all it has to offer.


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