The Ontario Mining Association (OMA) was established in 1920 to represent the mining industry of the province and is one of the longest serving trade organizations in Canada. We have a long history of working constructively with governments and communities of interest to build consensus on issues that matter to our industry and to the people of this province. 

Our success in advocating for industry advancement is based on our ability to harness the collective strength our highly engaged members. We are proud to serve as a focal point for discussions on the issues and opportunities facing our community and to offer our members a unified voice on matters of public policy and opinion.  Our goal is to overcome challenges that impede the competitiveness of responsible operations and to foster an environment that bolsters mining's potential to be the cornerstone of Ontario's new, innovation-oriented green economy.

With these goals in mind, the OMA offers its members support in the following areas:

  • Navigating the provincial policy network;
  • Gaining valuable insights and building important relationships by joining OMA committees;
  • Developing industry positions, strategies and initiatives, and providing collective input to help shape legislation, policies, guidelines and best practices;
  • Producing studies, research reports and/or presenting research findings with the aim of delivering value to members;
  • Coordinating industry initiatives and offering opportunities for expert practitioners to collaborate on innovative solutions;
  • Networking with industry colleagues, non-governmental organizations, communities of interest, civil servants and elected officials;
  • Accessing OMA outreach and educational tools;
  • Furthering public awareness and support of the mining industry and delivering innovative communications programs;
  • Working collectively across the membership to enhance the public perception of mining and attract the next generation workforce;
  • Championing the long-term viability of the industry.

The OMA maintains a broad level of support and cooperation with a wide range of organizations. We collaborate on specific issues and projects, in addition to exchanging information, knowledge and best practices. Working with our partners, we focus on minimizing overlap and duplication to ensure that the mining community derives maximum benefit.

We invite all mining and related businesses operating in Ontario to become OMA members. Contact us to learn more about joining the OMA.